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1. Do I have to sign up to order?

     A. Yes.  While you can look at everything, to simplify everything and make sure all information (address, etc.) is gotten, you do need to login to order.  Many errors on the ordering end are all based on missing some information, mainly address parts.  This ends those issues.

2. Can I wash it, or will the braille come off?

     A. Yes, wash all you need to.  For the clothing wash with like colors and tumble dry low heat.  NO IRONING, and I recommend turning garment inside out to keep the braille from catching on the inside of the washer and dryer.  For the tumblers, hand washing is recommended.  While the braille will not come off in the dishwasher, the pressure of the dishwasher will ruin the double wall insulation properties of the tumbler.  So hand wash your beauties and they will keep your drinks insulated (hot or cold)

3. Is the braille really tactile?

     A. Yes, I find little point in print only braille.  While the braille on the products is larger than paper braille, it is still tactile.  I try to keep the braille as small as possible except with single names or initials.  Not only is this good for the blind user so they know which shirt, hoodie, cup, etc. that they have, but it causes questions from the sighted world and helps to emphasis how little braille is out in the world.  

4. Do you ship outside the US?

     A. Not at this time.  I am a small business based out of my home.  Currently for shipping outside the US the costs have been excessive.

Between $70-400, depending on what you'd like to have and achieve.
one payment which include everything paid for for the first year. all renewals are $70 per year, which covers registration, domain, hosting and SSL (site security certificate).
Your new online store will be ready for you to add your products within 1-2 days.

Your new shopping cart will be configured to accept paypal with options to add square or other merchants.
Shipping can be setup for flat rate, or to use usps, ups couriers etc.

Once work has begun, we are unable to offer any refunds. Because of our fast and efficient turn-round, licenses and registration is purchased in your name straight way.

Yes. you will have full control and access to every part of your new domain / website allowing you to make any changes you wish. (ask us if you'd like further help or tuition 1-to-1 on any task you like.