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About Us

DotShop was originally started just as a way for myself as a single mother to create fun shirts and items for my own 2 blind sons.  All the kids at school always had cool shirts and fun things and I wanted my own sons to not only have cool things but to know what they had. 

Over the years, it has seen many changes and make overs as I have learned new and better ways to create lasting braille and designs.  Several of our blind friends also wanted some items with braille on it and that's how it became bigger than just our family.  Once I started to make more items and more things it just snowballed until, bam, DotShop was born.  

Now it has become not only the designs that I myself create, but custom orders of what others wish to have.  I have a deep passion to normalize having braille everywhere, and this is my journey.  Making braille items in my own home to bring joy of accessibility to others as well as having more braille out in the world.

DotShop is run by, Rosina Foster. Located in Marshfield, Missouri.