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For all of DotShop clothing items.  Please note that YES these can be washed.  Please turn clothing inside out and wash with like colors, NO IRON.  No bleach.  All shirts are a cotton feel poly blend that will NOT shrink, unless stated otherwise.  Also all items are a unisex fit unless state otherwise.  Adult sizes are Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, and XXX-Large.  Youth sizes are Small (8), Medium (10), Large (12), and X-Large (14).

Model: Drive a stick TACTILE shirt
I drive a stick tee!!Back by popular demand, this time with an additional tactile feature.  Not only the braille is tactile, but this time around the silhouette image of the person walking with a white cane is tactile!  Tiny raised accents inside the image make for a more accessible design..
Model: If I'm Too Much Tee
if I'm too much go find less tee!Very sassy way to let people know in no uncertain terms that you are who you are and are not going to change.  If they don't like it, they know where they stand!  Share your sense of humor loud and clear for all to see, or feel.  Only available in tac..
Model: Just Breathe Hoodie
JUST BREATHE HOODIE!!Remind yourself and others around you that it is ok to just breathe.  Sometimes that is enough for the day.  The world will not end and it will all be ok.  We can't be superstars each and every day, or even most of them.    If you need to remind yourself..
Model: nothin' FANCY JUST love LS
nothin' FANCY JUST love! long sleeve teeBeautiful sentiment that covers just about everything.  When it comes down to it, most things in life don't matter except life and love.  Bring that love to your day as well as others when you wear this comfy long sleeve tee.  Wonderful heather..
Model: Single Af LS
Single Af BECAUSE Cupid Is STUPID long sleeve teeTell it to the love inspiring little man that you are single.  Wether you want to be single or you don't, if you are and want the world to know what you think of the arrow shooting miscreant this shirt will certainly do it!  With both print..
Model: Stud Muffin LS
I'M JUST A STUD MUFFIN LOOKING FOR MY CUPCAKE long sleeve teeLooking to tell the world you are looking for ms right without saying it?  Well this shirt says it all, lol!  Perfect for all year long, for any occasion.  Cute chibi graphics teamed up with the message for all to see..
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