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This is where you will find everything from blankets, plush animals, christmas items and more.  Just a group of items that don't fit a category.  Enjoy!

Model: ADOR A BULL Plush
ADOR A BULL Plush!Ain't no BULL about it, this little guy is as spunky as it gets!  Loud and proud he flaunts his fluffy top and wants to tell you all you are beautiful.  Not a mean bone in this bulls body, he is a lover not a fighter.  He wants to share with the world and especially ..
Model: ADORABLE pet bandana
PAWSITIVELY ADORABLE! pet bandanaDo you want everyone else to know that your dog is as adorable as you already KNOW they are? Then this is the perfect pet bandana for you.  Everyone will be ooing and awwwwing over them.  Sweet and quiet, or demanding their attention, there will be no mista..
Model: Cuddly Cow with Tee
Cuddly Cow Plush!This super sweet heifer will make your day.  This is just the thing for someone that likes the unconventional gift, or someone that thinks teddy bears are too average.  Sweet dairy cow sits approx 10 inches and has her 'arms' open wide for a giant hug.  After all she..
Model: DIVA pet bandana
DIVA! pet bandanaIf your dog is a "DIVA" and you know it, this is the perfect way to let everyone else know to treat her with her proper respect, lol.  Let them strut their stuff and rule all the way and back home again.This bandana does not require you to tie it and will not work with choke ch..
Model: Lion Plushie
LOVEABLE LION PLUSHYour loved one (either child, spouse, significant other, etc.) will adore this crazy maned lion with such a happy look on his face.  Lion is a medium brown, complete with tufted tail and ready for someone to love.  Sits about 10 inches and is snugly soft for all!  C..
Model: Sloppy Kisser Dog Bandana
"SLOPPY kisser" dog bandanaWe all know that our dogs love us and many desire nothing more than to show us how much.  Being able to handle that amount of wet love can sometimes be quite comical, and what better way to warn people that your beloved is a slobbery licker, lol.  Either use with..
Model: Sloth Plush with TEE
SLOTH PLUSH!Do YOU know someone that loves these adorable quiet and snuggly sloths?  I know I do!  Get that special someone in your life a cute plush sloth of their own that will remind them every day how much they are loved with the special message on their shirt.  You know you can't..
Model: Snuggle the life you want throw
Snuggle the Life you want!Keep up the momentum long after convention is over.  Or just make a statement that you will live YOUR life and no one else's, even whilst snuggling!  Watching sports at the stadium, movies from your couch or good memories around a campfire.  This 50x60 p..
Model: Plush Teddy with Tee
BEARY BEST TEDDY!Teddy bears are a classic that never gets old.  This classic style teddy with a bit longer arms and a fluffy nap sits around 10 inches.  Comes in assorted light or dark brown with YOUR color of shirt.  You can also choose to have tactile braille added over the print ..
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