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Cuddly Cow with Tee

Cuddly Cow with Tee
Cuddly Cow with Tee

Cuddly Cow Plush!

This super sweet heifer will make your day.  This is just the thing for someone that likes the unconventional gift, or someone that thinks teddy bears are too average.  Sweet dairy cow sits approx 10 inches and has her 'arms' open wide for a giant hug.  After all she "LOVES MOO!"  Not just for Valentines or Easter but a perfect way all year round to tell someone you love them and are thinking of them.  Children, spouses and more will love this sweet little girl and all the love she has to give.

Available in print or with addition of tactile braille, and also a variety of shirt colors.

PD: Pink background covered in flowers and hearts.  Centered and proud is a black and white cow with little curved horns on top of her head.  She sits with arms out wide and wearing a baby blue tee shirt that has, "I LOVE MOO!" in all large, bold red ombre print.  Also has tactile silver glitter heart on one foot.  Shown without optional braille.

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