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ADORABLE pet bandana

ADORABLE pet bandana
ADORABLE pet bandana


Do you want everyone else to know that your dog is as adorable as you already KNOW they are? Then this is the perfect pet bandana for you.  Everyone will be ooing and awwwwing over them.  Sweet and quiet, or demanding their attention, there will be no mistake that THEY are the cat's meow!  

This bandana does not require you to tie it and will not work with choke chain collars, but comes with a collar that will un-snap as it slides over the top, like a curtain over a curtain rod.  Can be worn over the top of the neck and back, or hanging down the front like a bib, your choice.  

Comes in print only or with added tactile braille added, in either Large (8.5 inches wide by 5.5 inches) or in X-Large (11 inches wide by 6.5 inches).  Can be easily removed for washing or transferring to different collar.  NO IRON

PD: triangular bandana on black nylon collar that has repeating watercolor red hearts with a small amount of white background.  In center "PAWSITIVELY ADORABLE" in all bold blue caps each on own line.  Between the words is two black paw prints with a white bone between them.  Shown without optional tactile braille.

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